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"Of course, that's just my opinion, and I may be full of shit"
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Since this opinion was considered in great detail, it will be difficult to change my mind. However, it's not impossible. I am always open to reason. I welcome thoughtful, logical, response.

Recorded Jan, 2000 

Election 2001

There were over six million legitimate voters in Florida. If one in ten thousand votes was miscounted, then the error would be greater than the difference in the election. The fact is, there is no chance that we are going to distinguish the "true" winner, since there is no way to count votes that accurately. Neither the machines, nor hand counts could do better than a "0.01" percent error. So, since there is no clear choice, go with the one that luckily got the numbers and move on.

More importantly, great damage was done to the Judicial system. A higher court needs to have clear and unquestionable reason to over turn the ruling of a lower court. If not, why have the lower courts? In this case the Florida supreme court had no place changing the judgment of the Florida trial judge, nor did the US Supreme Court have any place stepping in. I read all the cases, and believe that there was never any evidence presented that would support any of these higher courts stepping in.

In specific, while there was credible statistical evidence that recounts in certain select voting regions in Florida might change the election outcome, there was no statistical evidence that a recount in all regions of Florida would change the election. Thus the original trial judge ruling was correct, and the whole deal should have stopped there when the Florida Supreme court should have upheld the lower court ruling.

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John Allen Paulos, Temple University:
The margin of error in this election is far greater than the margin of victory, no matter who wins.
The final word:
The election is a tie, so letís get on with it -  St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 3, 2000, at 3D.