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Though I work for Jump Development Group, the opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect those of Jump Development Group, nor its employees.

Last Updated Sept 13, 1996

Fixing The Problem

The reference "Fix The Problem" comes from the movie Disclosure. The main character in the movie is constantly reminded to "Fix The Problem", rather than get distracted by less important political issues. In Disclosure, our hero is a male technician whose career is at stake over an in-the-workplace sexual harassment issue. However, the same dishonest powers that are pressing the political issue, also set him up to take a larger fall by making him appear to be responsible for their own technical failures.

In Disclosure, by changing his focus, getting to the root of the technical problems, our hero is able to expose his opponent and resolve the non-technical issues. This is a common opportunity in life. Sometimes you are able to pursue seemingly irrelevant issues, to your advantage. This can be especially effective if you are good at some specific pursuit.

As for RAM Charger, I think this idea is applicable in two ways. First, we can provide clear details to expose the true colors of Jump Development Group, Connectix, and the press. Second, we can focus on stronger, contemporary, marketing techniques.

My major purpose in publishing my Ram Charger web pages is to expose information which shows the true nature of Jump Development Group, Connectix, and the press. Fortunately, I feel that this is concentrating on one of my strengths, which is focusing on relevant facts. Since I am a programmer, and a logical thinker, I have usually been able to weed the crap out of an issue to raise up the relevant details. More often, others seem to dwell on irrelevant information, loosing the truth and fundamental issues, while they pursue tangents. By making my case in this way, I hope to draw positive attention to RAM Charger in all aspects.

Jump Development Group is following the another road: attempting to excel in marketing. By joining with Syncronys Softcorp, which has proven that they are extremely adept at advertising, and distribution, positive attention will also be drawn to all aspects of RAM Charger.

Unveiling our technical excellence by using expertise in disclosing history, and increasing advertising, may appear different than Disclosure's concept of "Fixing The Problem". However, it is actually the same thing, from another direction. In this case, we are "Fixing The [non-technical] Problems" to save the technical aspects, in the same way Disclosure's hero "Fixed The [technical] Problems" to repair the non-technical issues.