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Last Updated Sept 15, 1996

RAM Charger Press

I cannot speak about every member of the press. Each journalist is an individual, with their own history and methods. Moreover, even a good writer may have a bad day, and visa versa. So, even those who have RAM Charger unfairly, may in all other respects be fine reporters and/or human beings.

However, in general, the press has not given RAM Charger a fair a fair shake. RAM Charger has gotten a few accurate reviews, and one Germany review actually compared RAM Charger and RAM Doubler appropriately. However, ALMOST ALL of press has either ignored RAM Charger, misunderstood it, and over sold RAM Doubler.

The Quantity Of Press Has Been Inappropriate

While RAM Doubler has been mentioned at every corner, with almost no reason, RAM Charger has gotten no such free press. Moreover, any slight change to RAM Doubler, which is a utility with almost nothing to it, got extensive coverage, while RAM Charger was ignored.

As an example, MacUser evaluators have still not even mentioned RAM Charger (despite their constant solicitation of our advertising dollar!). This is why we do not have a MacUser rating on our advertisings. One might assume that we got a bad review, and thus do not show it on our ads. To the contrary, every RAM Charger review has been very good, we just don't get many reviews!

Perhaps the most damaging aspect of RAM Doubler getting excessive press, is that of recursion. More press yields more sales, which yields more press, which yields more sales... (etc). Very self serving, for both Connectix, and the press.

The Quantity Of Press Has Been Inappropriate

Not only has RAM Charger gotten less attention than RAM Doubler, but the press given RAM Doubler has not been objective. The original misleading claims from Connectix, that RAM Doubler was something greater than virtual memory, seem to have become reality in the press.

Of course, this quality of press added to the phenomenon much like the quantity of press did. Simple great product press yields great sales, which lends credibility to misleading claims, which yields great sales, which lends credibility to misleading claims... (etc). Very self serving, for both Connectix, and the press.

Appropriately, I Object

The press is entitle to take such a bias stance. Of course, I would have preferred this "Golden-Boy" status had been given to RAM Charger as well, a product that earned it with technical depth and honest advertising. I am still not sure exactly how we missed the boat - perhaps this is more luck than skill.

Appropriately, I am entitle to state my disappointment with the general press for the low road they took.