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"Of course, that's just my opinion, and I may be full of shit"
- Dennis Miller 

Since this opinion was considered in great detail, it will be difficult to change my mind. However, it's not impossible. I am always open to reason. I welcome thoughtful, logical, response.


Recorded Oct 14, 1999 

Smoking kills?

Early in October of 1999 I started hearing a number of reports on the news that Philip Morris had published details on their web page revealing information about smoking. Most every report seemed to add the opinion that this was somehow "sleazy", and some sort of technique to avoid paying the piper. I disagree. Instead, sleazy are the hypocrites that claim they did not know smoking was deadly, and that have gone after the industry from the perspective of  their "newly enlightened" position. Yes, the tobacco industry has done its best to improve market share, perhaps using some questionable marketing techniques, but it is a lie to somehow imply that the public was mislead into thinking smoking was safe. Everyone has always known cigarettes are death sticks, just like fast food, alcohol, and automobiles.

So, I visited to see what the stink was all about. Then, after looking about, I sent them the following feedback letter:

Hello (please forward where appropriate): 

I am a non-smoker, who does not appreciate being bothered by smokers. 

However, I am intelligent enough, and educated enough, to appreciate freedoms. As a result, I fully commend the work that you have presented at "" offering great depth of information about cigarettes and smoking. There is nothing I hate more than the stench of lies (not even the stench of cigarettes), and your pages do a lot to collecting the vast information that constitutes what truth is known. 

While many extremists seem to be slamming you in the news for "too little to late", I would instead like to commend your work and remind you that for every vocal critic there are a number of silent individuals. Please do not be disheartened; your work is very well done. 

Moreover, I am in full agreement that everyone already knows smoking is bad. Your pages will do nothing to damage your market share. Publicly stating what everyone already knows is the right response to an absurd attack on your industry (despite it being an industry I do not like). 

Finally, I would like to suggest that Philip Morris, or one of your subsidiaries, consider a new brand "Death", or "Slow Death", in a fully black box. No joke. I think it would be extremely successful, and would further go to illustrate the absurdity of the accusations leveled at your industry. People would buy "Death", because it is a choice, and they would enjoy expressing that choice blatantly. No, not all smokers would buy it, but many would. And your critics would find much of their ridiculous argument diminished (revealed). This is the next step, beyond your informative web pages, in removing the stench of lies surrounding this issue, and addressing the truth. 

Cris Mooney